Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Needed: A Change We Can Believe In

By Jerry Noble
What we were promised from our President and what we are getting is light years apart. What we need as a nation and what we are getting from our elected officials for our nation is about as far as the East is from the West. We need calm but Washington gives us a daily dose of chaos. We need leaders who will tell us the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth; instead we are fed a daily diet of half truths, and outright lies. We need leaders who have a genuine concern for the needs of the people, and a desire to be true representatives of the people. Instead, we as a nation have elected many, if not a majority, of politicians whose primary agenda is to stroke their own ego, feather their own nest, and perpetuate their political power. Few of them seem to have the least concern for upholding the will of the people and adhering to the constitution of the United States of America.

The changes that have been made in the past few months are absolutely astounding! I would never have dreamed that such changes could happen so quickly. This is certainly not what our founding fathers intended. Our form of government was set up so that any type of major or drastic change was to take time so that any proposal could be carefully considered and processed. However, numerous changes have been make with lightening speed. Changes such as:
Opening a ban on stem cell research, which only encourages abortion;
Opening a ban on foreign abortions in order to fund abortions abroad;
The unprecedented promotion of gay rights, including gay marriage, in opposition to the will of the people;
Wasting multiplied billions of tax dollars as never before seen;
Enormous stimulus package proposals which virtually no lawmakers read, nor had any idea how to pay for them.

I have named only a few of these changes that we are supposed to believe in. We appear to be headed down a slippery slope leading to moral and fiscal disaster with no way of stopping before it is too late. Numerous drastic and radical changes are being proposed and made. Is this being done in order to overwhelm the American public and cause such confusion that the people just don"t know what is happening? I am afraid that the average man and woman on the street doesn't have a clue.

I certainly do believe we need change, but not the kind we are experiencing. We need to see more genuine honesty among our government leaders, whether they be local, state or national. With all of the lies and half-truths we hear on a regular basis it is bound to make people skeptical about anything that proceeds out of the mouth of a politician. And that is a shame. Abe Lincoln wouldn't know how to act in today's government. He would probably be criticized and scorned like Sarah Palin. (My next blog will the entitled, The Palin Principle.)

We need a change from our leaders who criticize and ridicule our nation to leaders who will stand up and defend our nation. America is still the greatest nation, under God, on the face of this earth.

We need a change from leaders who are immoral and who live in adultery as though it is the norm. They have the audacity to hold themselves up as examples. Is it any wonder our young people are so confused as to what is right and what is wrong? Not much seems to be black and white any more. Everything is being smudged into an indefinite gray. Many people seem to think that the way to determine what is right or wrong is simply to count noses. The most noses wins. Of course, that is ridiculous, but is becoming the order of the day.

As a nation, we seem to be growing more and more divided. We need a change so that the nation can become more united.

We need a change in our national media. We need a media that will present the facts, and the truth as best they can, rather than a personal liberal agenda that is leading this nation to disaster.

It is certain that we need change. We need change we can believe in, but that is not the kind of change we are experiencing in our nation today. Not by a long shot!


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