Sunday, July 26, 2009


Sarah Palin recently resigned as Governor of Alaska.The political pundits, politicians, and reporters, for the most part, just could not understand why she did what she did. They analyzed every phrase, and every nuance, as well as her body language. (Personally, I believe that body language thing is a lot of baloney! Why is O'Riley such a fan?) I believe she said what she meant and meant what she said. She is a woman of principle.How simple is that?

The political crowd as well as the Palin critics, and there are many, do not have the ability to comprehend a woman like Sarah. She is a normal, average (However, well above average) American woman who thinks like a normal citizen, who believes in her country, and wants to make a significant contribution to her country. Her agenda is not self-serving, narcissistic, and political. The politicos, and liberals cannot understand pure and unselfish motives. Her stand is based on principle, that is to say on a fundamental rule or code of conduct. The rules for the American code of conduct have been set by our society. Whether some people like it or not,the high principles established in our nation are primarily based on the Bible. Our fore fathers made that very clear.It is about treating others the way you wish to be treated. It is about being honest, and doing the right thing...even if it is not popular. Do we see much of that in politics? I don't think so. Sarah Palin espouses these well established principles. Hence, she is misunderstood by many.

In her resignation speech Sarah Palin said her priorities were her faith and her family. That is admirable and easy to understand. The liberals detest her for such a belief. Why? Because they have no connection with spiritual matters. Their god is their liberal cause and their worldly ideology. In their thinking, anyone who disagrees with them is somehow evil and ignorant.

She said she was stepping down because the frivolous ethics complaints against her(at last count there were fifteen, and all were dismissed) were costing the state of Alaska literally millions of dollars. That makes logical sense to me.

She decided not to just go with the flow, but to leave the comfort of the nest and soar. She believes that she can be more productive in another role.That was her choice. She has every right to make it. Why do so many people want to tell her what is her business and hers alone?

Sarah Palin gave her reasons for resignation candidly and truthfully. She chose to put first things first according to her set of priorities, and according to her principles. That is what the politicians and pundits just do not understand and never will, because they just don't think that way. They cannot comprehend it because it is far out of their element.

The bottom line is that Sarah Palin is a woman of principle. I am going to stay tuned and see what she is going to do next. It will be interesting to say the least. GO SARAH!!


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