Sunday, July 17, 2016

The City of Cleveland rolled out the red carpet for Delegates last night.  Held on Lake Erie at the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, the official RNC kick-off party included tours of the museum, food from some of Cleveland's best restaurants, entertainment from five live bands, including Three Dog Night, and a spectacular fireworks show.  I must say, I was impressed.  However, the highlight of my evening was talking with Republicans from across the nation.  The fragility of the Republican Party is a real concern.  Whether speaking to Trump supporters or those not thrilled about a Trump nomination, all are fearful of what effect this convention will have on the future of the GOP.  The odd thing is, despite their fears, everyone I spoke to last night feels Trump will get the nomination on the first round of voting.  Even those less than enthusiastic about Trump, feel the "Never Trump" movement died in the RNC Rules Committee meeting last Thursday.  The focus has now turned to where does the GOP go now?  How and will the Party be able to rally behind Trump?  Right now, all talk is about the nominee and the process, which is much different than the previous two conventions I have attended.  Usually, the chatter centers squarely on Democrats and the efforts and strategy of the next four months.  Trump has a lot to accomplish this week.  He must help the GOP heal, make the focus of the delegation shift to defeating Hillary Clinton, and show Americans he is the best choice for the most powerful job on the planet.  If anyone can accomplish these tasks, it is Donald Trump.  The electricity and excitement is already here in Cleveland.  Trump simply needs to harness it.

The theme for each night of the convention is as follows:
Monday: Make America Safe Again.
Tuesday: Make America Work Again.
Wednesday: Make America First Again.
Thursday: Make America One Again.


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