Monday, August 3, 2009


The real name of this person doesn't really matter, so for this true story we will call him Roger. His story is a sad one. He is one of the many in our country who got hit hard by the struggling economy.

Roger had a thriving business. For some twenty years he made about $150,000 a year from his business. He had the big house, the sports car, and toys galore for him, his wife and daughter. Materially speaking, life was good. He thought the good life would never end. As a result, he failed to plan for a possible rainy day. After all, the sun had been shining for some twenty years.He didn't purchase health insurance, or save any money. Why worry about it?

One day it all changed. Just like that! Without any warning, Roger received a letter from his parent company informing him that all of their operations in the North East were being shut down immediately! And that was it! A business relationship of more than twenty years gone. There was no way for Roger to keep his business going. Within a few days he laid off his staff, sold the office furniture, and closed the doors.

It has now been approximately four months since Roger was forced to close his business. Within ten days of this writing his beautiful, spacious house will be sold on the court house steps. His sports car is soon to be repossessed. He is in the process of selling his furniture in an auction hoping to get enough money to pay for the security deposit and first month's rent on a one bedroom apartment.

His wife recently left him and took their thirteen year old daughter with her. So now, Roger is left alone wondering what on earth he is going to do with his life, and how he is going to be able to just get by. He is 59 years old and in poor health. That is another Obama issue he is soon having to face. Well, so much for the Obama plan.

Is this the kind of change we are supposed to believe in? NOT ME!


Peter J. said...

How does Obama figure into this totally oblivious guy's sob story? Making three times the annual family income for 20 years and not having a first and last for the rent shows what a bum this is. Good riddance to the parasite.

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